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Grow Within Paper

If you know

If you grow

Grow your own

Grow the weed

Weed them out

Weed to smoke

Smoke the best

Smoke your last

Last to first

Last to leave

Leave me be

Leave to see

See me rise

See me cry

Cry over you

Cry out loud

Loud to me

Loud in here

Here we are

Here is good

Good for crops

Good on top

Top in class

Top spinning fast

Fast to bed

Fast to admit

Admit I love

Admit my guilt

Guilt that’s Catholic

Guilt that’s fake

Fake as fuck

Fake body parts

Parts to spare

Parts for repair

Repair my soul

Repair this hole

Hole in one

Hole for you

You complete me

You ruin everything

Everything is nothing

Everything cost money

Money for food

Money for nudes

Nudes to send

Nudes on paper

Paper for words

Paper to burn



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