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Falling Flowers (Compiled from the poetry of Ikkyu Sojun)

Quietly humming a line from a love song,

Harmonious sound, faintly, a jeweled bell.

A whole night of falling flowers and flowing water is fragrant.

The flowers bound to a spring where being and non-being contradict one another.

Futile regrets floating down stream,

Cloud-rain, tonight, a single dream.

The singing stops, morning comes, one fragment remains.

In the space of a moment, ten thousand kalpas of pain.

A safe firmly established life, where is it?

In words, there is a flavor, but who is able to taste it?

A taste of honey and we forget the disaster at the bottom of the well.

When you are starving, a bowl of rice is worth a thousand pieces of gold.

He has lost his magic power, come down to live on earth,

And becomes a blind man leading the blind.

Yesterday’s clarity is today’s stupidity.

Still delightful, the sound of the wind soothing my thoughts.

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