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All Experience Is Of Value

Sun beyond all, I turned the light on.

An increasingly tranquil state.

I’m happy to have experienced DESIRE.

To appease me, put it on.

We both leaned back, sat down.

She gave me a truly spectacular shirt.

I dared her to 6 times.

She wanted her dress.

I told her I liked the color.

She reached, so I held her close to me.

We were interrupted, went to the bedroom.

I could see her eyes, a beautiful green.

She kissed me.

She was starting to shake.

On the edge, she got on her knees.

I told her I need her.

Intensely, she begged.

I grabbed her, started to thrust,

Slowly working deeper.

She came, then wanted me to.

As she watched with her pretty smile

I had handfuls of her.

“I never said it.”

“I never said I love you,

But I do, a lot.”

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