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Who is Jack Kaup?

I'm the creator of the hip hop act Maniacal Sauce and the blog 1000 Li.

What is Maniacal Sauce?

I came out of music school with an insatiable urge to write music, but had no idea what style was a good fit for me. I experimented with a variety of genres - funk, R&B, house, etc. I even wrote this lame indie song that was so bad it made me cry because I felt like I’d never find my musical voice. Pondering this one day, it hit me: What about rap? I loved hip hop, I’d played guitar with hip hop musicians, yet never seriously tried to write it. I put on that iconic “lofi hip hop radio” video and started writing verses. I loved it. I realized I'd never previously entertained the idea of rapping because I was white and afraid I'd be ridiculed. Out of love for hip hop, I said fuck the fear and got to work.

What is 1000 Li?

In a moment of clarity, I gained the understanding that a higher power is pervasive throughout the entire universe and beyond. Not only is this power infinite, but it is also compassionate. I write this blog to inform people of ways to manifest compassion more in their lives.